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July 9th, 2011 : Real SEOs Don't Email You Out Of The Blue

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Real SEOs Don't Email You Out Of The Blue

Real SEOs Don't Email You Out Of The Blue

You open your inbox and you've been contacted by an Local Internet Marketing company. They say they can boost your rankings on Google. Should you give them a try? After all, wouldn't it be nice to be sitting at the top of the SERPs?

The truth is that real Local Internet Marketing companies don't send out unsolicited emails to prospective clients. These are scammers and they send out these messages through an automated system that picks up your email address from somewhere. These are not legitimate companies; they're just spammers.

Everybody gets these messages and many get them daily. In fact, even Google gets offers! This is from their official site:


I visited your website and noticed that you are not listed in most of the major search engines and directories..."

Real Local Internet Marketing companies don't need to send unsolicited mails because they have their own websites, they're search engine optimized, and clients come to them. If they don't get enough traffic to their site to get work, do you want them promoting your site? Any company that has to send out emails wouldn't be worth it even if they were legit.

How To Spot Scam SEO Emails

There are several tell-tale signs that will tip you off that you're dealing with a dirty spammer and not an SEO expert:

  • There is no company name in the email. There isn't any company in any industry that WOULDN'T put their company name in an email!
  • The email address sounds unprofessional. It might be something like or even better -
  • There links in the message text. For example, it says "We offer SEO Services for online businesses" and "SEO Services" is a link leading somewhere (Don't click it!).
  • They promise to get you #1 in Google. Even the best Local Internet Marketing company on the Web can't guarantee that.
  • They claim to have a special relationship with Google, or that they have some secret "priority submit."
  • You get multiple messages from different email addresses.

What If They're Legit?

Let's say you get a message that has none of the above tell-tale signs. The formatting and wording of the message are impeccably professional, and it's even signed at the bottom by a human-sounding name with contact information. Maybe they're legitimate after all?

A good, quick way to find out is to search for their company name in Google. Of course, you should see their site listed at the top of the page. If there's no site, skip them. If you find a site, have a look. If the site looks weird or it says something like, "Coming Soon," you've stumbled upon a scammer.

In general, don't give unsolicited SEO emails the time of day. It works best if you just delete them immediately. If you need SEO services, you can find plenty of good company websites without worrying about getting taken for a ride by scammers.

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