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July 9th, 2011 : How Does Google Instant Affect Your Business?

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How Does Google Instant Affect Your Business?

How Does Google Instant Affect Your Business?

Google Instant is a relatively new creation. It changes how people search on the internet, and it's something that you should know about. It has the potential to get more traffic to your business's website and there are ways to leverage it for even better results. In this article, we'll look at how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

What Is Google Instant?

Google Instant works by showing search results as each letter is typed into the search box. This is similar to an auto-complete feature. Auto-complete merely makes suggestions for search words in a drop-down box below the search. However, Google Instant takes that a step further. It updates the search results too. For those with a high speed internet connection, it's another form of suggestion. The reason it's important is that people may abandon their original search when a suitable suggestion has been given.

How Google Instant Affects Your Business

Because it's no longer necessary for users to type their full search phrase, your competition may end up getting more people. If their results show up first in a common suggested term, then web surfers may choose them before ever getting a glimpse at your site. Even if you've correctly chosen a popular search term, you have to know in which order it shows up.

How To Use Google Instant To Your Advantage

Before Google Instant, it was necessary to find keywords with very little competition. Most often, that meant using multiple-word phrases, sometimes known as long-tail keywords. While it's still necessary to employ long-tail keywords, you'll need to use more keyword phrases than just a handful. To optimize your site, it's best to include separate pages enhanced for similar phrases to your main keywords. That way, your website will still show up in many of the suggestions offered by Google Instant.

How To Leverage An SEO Professional To Help You

One of the services offered by a qualified SEO professional is known as "keyword research." To begin, they can discover popular phrases that people are searching for that may be related to your business. However, they can also discover what phrases show up in Google Instant. That way, your website has the greatest chance of getting the most visitors.

Keyword research is half the battle. You still need to take action on the information. Aside from doing keyword research, it's necessary to place pages on your website targeted to those keywords. An SEO professional can design the pages centered on the most popular keyword phrases. That will get those pages listed on Google. Finally, they'll point links to your web pages that use the same keywords. By doing so, it raises your website further towards the top of any search results. If you're targeting customers in your local city, then the results for your business can be phenomenal. That's because there may not be much competition yet. The sooner you get started, the better your chances of getting and keeping the best spot.

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