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June 1st, 2011 : Getting Indexed from Press Releases

Getting Indexed from Press Releases

We are assuming that you have yourself a rock solid lead generation system for a website now, and you know the keywords you want to target. If not, hopefully you at least have a website that has proper on-page optimization. During this phase we need a jump start from various websites to help index your website. Indexing is a lot easier now. With Google's new search engine, being found overnight is as simple as placing your link on sites that get indexed by search engines every hour if not sooner. This is close to the backlinking phase of your internet marketing strategy; but more importantly it is an almost instant link to your website, sometimes indexing you in 2 days or less. We have broken down the format to get you going on press releases and some of the top sources available online.

Press Release Jump-Start:

There are a ton of websites out there that provide press release services and submission sites for your internet marketing strategy. However, we have found those sites listed at the end of this section to be the most powerful on a cost effective budget. The majority of the sites we recommend in this post are free, costing you nothing other than your time. You could spend weeks finding the best ways to create press releases and get views. Our press releases get an average of 400-500+ views in the first month of publishing. We are sure there are experienced press release authors with better numbers; however, we have a very specific internet marketing strategy for these press releases and number of views is not the most important.

The first press release should be about the announcement of your new website. Write a few paragraphs about your business. Also include a few sentences as to what visitors will find at your website, such as a coupon, promotion or free consultation or quote. Make sure there is some meat to it, but use what you have already put together for your website. The idea of this press release is to announce to the internet that your business has a new website. Include the top six keywords on which you are focusing. If you have not discovered those yet, you need to spend some time researching the best possible keywords.

Suggested Format for Optimized Press Releases:

Title: (Just like the title of your website this is very important, especially on a local level. This title will end up in the url of the press release site on which you submit.)

"Sample Salon Launches New Austin, TX Hair Salon Website"

Description: (This is just as important as a description tag for your website. Often the press release site will place this in the meta description of your press release as well.)

"With the launch of Sample Salon's new Hair Salon website getting scheduled with Austin's Best Hair Salon is easy! Call them at 555-555-5555 today!"

Once you start seeing the power of press releases, you will soon realize that this call to action (discount offer) could be a press release in itself that you can launch systematically with the first press release.

The following sources for press releases we know personally. They work wonders for indexing and long-term placement. When creating free accounts with these sources, make sure you provide as much detail, including your website in your profile for the author. Do not skip this step. As you start building your press releases you will get your profile indexed, which will create a small directory of backlinks to all your press releases. Make sure you submit your press release to all these engines.

Press releases from this website have been seen on the 1st Page for highly searched keywords in less than two hours for some of our customers. Make sure you pay the $1 to get the backlink. Without the backlink you're missing the point of this phase. There is much more value to a press release than just a backlink; however, in this phase it is the most important part. When creating your press release, preview it before you publish it. Click on the link to make sure it works. If it does not work, fix it. Countless times we have seen a company launch a well-placed press release and the link goes to a page not found. Sad, but it happens.

This website offers the ability to add links within the body of the press release. Do not put your website link in these press releases too often. Typically you should have a link in the call to action section in your body, and a link to learn more about your company in the section you talk about the history of your company.

6Qube Press

Of course this is our press release site. We have built this platform to create for your business the best type of backlinks. By submitting your press releases through our platform, you are also improving your local placement and indexing.

Press Releases to a small business owner are the foundation to your backlinking campaigns and offers an easy way to get your website indexed fast. Our internet marketing software also provides a simple interface to create high quality press releases that have more control of the keywords you choose. You can learn more about our internet marketing software at

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