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June 1st, 2011 : Getting Indexed from Articles

Getting Indexed from Articles

Much like press releases, articles provide another source to not only get high quality backlinks, but also to bring users into your website by validating the knowledge you have to contribute to your industry. This is probably the number one area on which most business owners will not spend time. Just the thought of having to write an article reminds us of 10th grade English assignments; however, this is actually one of the easiest tasks in your internet marketing strategy, and it will bring an ever growing amount of traffic to your site if handled properly.

We like to believe that our family dentist has a few tips he can share with us about the importance of dental floss. You can search that on Google and find thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of articles on this very subject. However, there is only one that could come from my family dentist and that is the one he should write. It does not have to be pretty at first. Just write down the top five or ten things you would do if someone were looking for your business. You could also give tips on the subject to which your company provides value. Once you have listed those points that actually contribute to the community of your industry, you have something. Next have a family member, your old teacher, employee, friend or even a proofing company (very cheap service these days) look over the article and proof it.

Articles Jump-Start:

Remember, as boring as tips from a dentist about dental floss sounds, a simple article not only provides validation that you know enough to be called an industry advisor, if not expert, on the subject, but that same article also produces a lot of golden keywords that are relevant and tied to your business name and website. The best thing about creating articles is, they turn into many little "Tweets" on Twitter and "Posts" on Facebook. 10 tips + 10 Posts of those tips + 10 Tweets about each tip = better placement on Google and other search engines.

Suggested Format for Optimized Articles:

Title: (Just like the title of your website this is very important, especially on a local level. This title will end up in the url of the articles site to which you submit.)

"10 Tips on How to Become a Better Flosser"

Description: (This is just as important as a description tag for your website. Often the article's site will place this in the meta description of your press release as well.)

"Dental Flossing is becoming recognized as one of the most important dental prevention methods for Gum Disease. Our tips will make you a better flosser!"

Relevant Content:

It is very important to make sure your article sounds like it is coming from you. Remember, write it down exactly as you would say it to someone in person, and then have it proof read and corrected before you post the article.

There are many sites on which you can start posting the articles you have created. The following are the ones we recommend to send out to initially. Many of these article sites allow for reprint rights, which means readers can reprint your article on their website or blog. This is very valuable to you as the reader must include your backlinks featured in your article.

This is a partner of as they state on their website. However, we suspect they are the same company, which is great as any site setup like is a winner in this guide. Make sure when creating an account with you provide as much information about your business as you can. You want your profile to include the most up-to-date information about your business. Also make sure your link is published properly. Do not just assume that it was put in correctly. Check it in the article just to be sure. With no link, there is no backlink.

This is the big leagues of article sites. I am sure you have read a few articles from this site in the past.

If you want high-quality backlinks from your articles, this is the platform for it. They go over and beyond to help your website on the articles you submit.

6Qube Articles

Of course this is our articles site. We have built this platform to create for your business the best type of backlinks. By submitting your articles through our platform, you are also improving your local placement and indexing.

Articles are also the foundation to your backlinking campaigns and offers an easy way to get your website indexed fast. Our internet marketing software also provides a simple interface to create high quality press releases that have more control of the keywords you choose. You can learn more about our internet marketing software at

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